Generally, to facilitate capital, human and academic planning on a national, state and campus basis across the University.


1.  To make recommendations* to the Vice-Chancellor and President for approval with respect to Policy and Procedures for which Campus Committee is the Governing Authority.

2.  To consult on and contribute to the coordination of matters which concern capital, human and academic planning of the University, including:

  • Matters referred from subcommittees.
  • Capital projects, including campus, building and concepts and proposals in accordance with the University’s Asset Management Plan Policy and Campus Infrastructure Development Procedure.
  • Infrastructure concepts and proposals referred from Campus Infrastructure Committees in accordance with the University’s Campus Infrastructure Development Procedure.
  • Development of the University’s Asset Management Plan in accordance with the University’s Asset Management Plan Policy.
  • Critical incident management in accordance with the University’s Critical Incident Management Policy.
  • Workspace in accordance with the University’s Workspace Policy.
  • Practice of sustainability in accordance with the University’s Sustainability Policy.
  • Green travel in accordance with the University’s Green Travel Policy.
  • Matters of course development, specifically resource implications for new course proposals and changes to existing courses.
  • Relevant State Chapter matters referred by the Associate Vice-Chancellors and Campus Deans (as ex-officio State Chapter Members).
  • Relevant Academic Board matters referred by the Chair of Campus Committee (as an ex-officio member of Academic Board).
  • Matters relating to the student experience and amenities such as social infrastructure, libraries, accommodation, food services, sport, health and wellbeing.

3.  To report to the Vice-Chancellor’s Strategy Group and the Academic Board with respect to matters which concern capital, human and academic planning of the University.

* Members of Campus Committee may pass a recommendation without a meeting being held if a majority of Members vote in favour of the resolution in writing or by electronic means.


  • Vice-Chancellor and President (standing apology)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Coordination
  • Provost
  • Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students, Learning and Teaching)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Vice President
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor (NSW/ACT)
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor (Melbourne)
  • Associate Vice-Chancellor (Brisbane)
  • Campus Dean (Ballarat)
  • Campus Dean (Canberra)
  • Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Director, Properties and Facilities
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Student Engagement and Services
  • Academic Registrar


Pro Vice-Chancellor, Assisting the Vice-Chancellor and President


  • NSW/ACT, VIC, QLD Campus Infrastructure Committees
  • Sustainability Standing Committee
  • Campus Green Travel Committees


A majority of members. A member may instruct a nominee in writing to vote on their behalf.


Campus Committee may determine and review its own procedures and amend its Terms of Reference, as necessary.

Campus Committee reviewed the Terms of Reference in April 2018.

Date of establishment: March 2012

Meeting frequency: 5 times per year

Responsible Officer: Chair, Campus Committee

Executive Officer: Executive Officer, DVC Coordination

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