Student Administration project updates

Student Administration is currently involved in several major projects aimed at improving the student experience.

Class Selection and Timetable project

The Class Selection and Timetable (CST) project is well advanced. Allocate+ was successfully upgraded for Semester 1 class selection, leading to a significant reduction in timetabling enquiries to both AskACU and the schools and improved student satisfaction. 

Preparations are well underway for the move to preferential class selection for Semester 2, and the roll out of an annual timetable for 2021 in October.

Curriculum Management Approval System project

The Curriculum Management Approval System (CMAS) project is developing a seamless flow of course and unit information from approval to publication. Ten requirements-gathering workshops were recently completed. Over the coming months, extensive work will take place to develop a system for managing course approvals and amendments and the publication of course information on the website and in the handbook in August.

Enrolment: Planning to Completion project

The Enrolment: Planning to Completion (EPiC) project is a consolidation of several projects relating to course completion and tracking and enrolment. It recently received Student Futures approval and is awaiting funding approval for the foundation phase, which will comprise improvements to course completion eligibility checking, digitising student-initiated forms, and limiting incorrect enrolments.

What's next?

The Student Administration team will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of these projects throughout the year.


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