ACU staff have always embraced working across geographical borders. However, the challenges posed by Covid-19 will require some teams to adjust to working in different ways.

ACU has always accommodated flexibility, working from home and virtual meetings. Below are some refresher best practice tips to assist staff through this period, ensure business continuity and to encourage teams to continue to work well together.

  1. Keep informed via ACU Announcements emails, FAQ on the ACU website and Staff News on Workplace.
  1. Prepare your technology to work remotely
  • Check that you can remotely access all systems, shared directories, browser favourites, and software you need in your role. Your supervisor may be able to help by creating a checklist,
  • Review the How Do I Work From Home guide and the Work From Home category in Service Central for detailed instructions on preparing your home and personal PC to work remotely,
  • To assist with document version control, collaborate on files using a shared directory (e.g. Network drives, SharePoint) rather than emailing documents. You can also use Microsoft OneDrive for file storage, which doesn’t require VPN to access,
  • Join the IT Updates Workplace group to stay up-to-date on IT news and developments,
  • Service Central is available to help you 9am-5pm Monday to Friday via live on-line ‘Chat’ on the Service Central Portal with a Service Central Officer.
  • You can also access a range of helpful knowledge articles or submit a service request via the portal 24 hours a day, or phone on (07) 3623 7272 from 8am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday.
  1. Maintain work health and safety. Ensure your workstation at home is set up safely. Complete the working from home WHS inspection checklist. Ensuring a distraction-free work environment is also important to maintaining focus and productivity. Supervisors should check in to ensure all staff have completed this checklist.
  1. Connect regularly. Scheduling briefings or quick check-ins at the same time each week (or each day) contributes to creating a routine, and helps the team to discuss priorities, challenges as well as feeling connected. While we may need to be flexible around working hours, it is recommended to schedule at least three to four hours a day where most of the team is online and available at the same time. Supervisors should create regular check-ins and catch ups.
  1. Use video conferencing (Microsoft Teams and Skype) as much as possible. It is tempting to use instant chat and send emails whenever there is something to discuss however this can easily lead to misunderstandings, as well as inbox overload. Video calls or at least regular calls are not only a way to avoid these problems, they also connect the team members on a more personal level. You can use screen sharing functionality to improve collaboration and understanding.
  1. Recognise success and share what works the best. There is going to be a time of adjustment and testing out new ways of working. It is important to be open about what is working and what isn’t while suggesting alternative ideas. When the team finds methods that work, recognise these and establish as norms for the team going forward.

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